Design trends that should vanish in 2016

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If we had an article about what design trends are catching speed in 2016, let’s see now what is misused and should not be a constant design practice anymore, at least not in the present forms. Under you can find a list consisting of some real bad practices, which are still present over the web.

Long Complicated Forms

Like how I mentioned in ” Web Design Trends in 2016″, forms are one of the most important aspects of a website even so there are still websites which require you to fill a ton of data, fields which don’t make any sense, errors and what not.



Forms should be streamlined and if possible minimized only to name and e-mail plus password if there’s the case, that’s mainly because internet users tend to be lazy, and also when you are giving you e-mail and name is not that frightening than when you are asking for his address or social security number, gender etc. Do a little bit of research maybe some user testing and find out what they really need from your form and what is frustrating them like this you will make a good service for everybody including you.

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Over using Social Media

We are indeed in the golden era of social media, and even if is still widespread, is misunderstood at some level. We all saw website who had bundles of icons for sharing their content on social media, have the users really used more than three of them? Have the owners of the websites ever tested or even asked their users what social media they use? 2016 is the year when this practice has to come to an end, is also easy to understand why this practice should vanish because when you ending up on a website full of social media buttons it looks more like you are trying to fish every user on internet, no matter who he is you have a social button for him just in case, is unprofessional and it gives a sloppy feeling to your website.  Don’t take me wrong is ok to have social media integrated into your website, I encourage you to do so but having all of them is simply out of discussion.

Bad Pop-ups

In 2015 have been an explosion of bad pop-ups over the web, everybody trying to sell their e-book, everybody making some tutorials, or promoting some work for charity, nothing wrong with that. The only problem with this is that a bad pop-up can give to the user the feeling that he is being high jacked from what he was doing, losing the connection with your content.

The Traditional Bad pop-up:

The Traditional Bad pop-up:

Pop-ups should give to the users the feeling of privilege, is a strong piece of media which have a lot of power on your website, use it well, don’t waste it. If you don’t know how to use it, well then I recommend you to make it more friendly looking, and move it in the down right corner, also add there only but only extremely valuable content, relevant to what the user is watching. Do that and you will see how suddenly people will enjoy downloading or accessing content from your website.

Hero Carousels

Because of the widespread design patterns, hero carousels  have become so common, and so unfriendly in the same time. There is nothing particularly wrong with them, it just happens that if everybody uses them it certainly does not make you stand out and drive your users to you. Think well why your users come to you and what they really need on the front page, if you end up answering that is a hero carousel, then just go with it but if not then you should change the approach towards your homepage. I am saying this because, yeah I know pictures do speak a lot about you, if they moving they attract attention but everybody does that, do you think that users would react like how is expected? Users are evolving too and if they see a practice everywhere they either embrace it or either get bored of it.

Overusing hover triggers

Using hover triggers to deploy popups when the user hovers over some element or over using it for some options which are really close to each other, can annoy users to infinite. Think about this concept, you have 3 buttons, stacked one under another and the user wants to go from button 1 to button 3 but when they passing over the button 2, a drop menu appears covering entirely button 3 and that’s not good because is not what the user wanted. It may seem funny and a small touch to make to your website, but really a small touch like this makes the difference between one more minute on the website or the close button.

I hope that I made a clear point for every single design practice presented and why is good to not overdo some of them, evolution is natural and organic everywhere from, microbes until websites and users, learn to adapt to it and you will master your craft in no time.


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