Why should you have a website?

Why should you have a website?
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Nowadays, almost every business has a website, either is a big corporation either a small flower shop placed in the corner of your street. Also, we can find many websites owned by freelancers or unemployed people who are passionate about their hobby. Why do they have it and why you should have your own website as well?

Let’s take a look on few types of website to give you understanding of their purpose.

  • Personal – it can be your portfolio or your blog
  • Business – informative content about your brand
  • eCommerce – website where products can be sell/purchased
  • News – informative content with current news
  • Non-profit – for example charity organizations or religions
  • Learning – educational websites which let users to learn
  • Sharing – platform which let users to share files
  • Forum – discussion website with questions & answers
  • Social – the most famous example Facebook
  • Entertainment – to make users laugh, for example 9gag

Of course there are more types and they can be grouped in different categories, but I guess you noticed that when we talk about a ‘website’ we should specify its purpose. Moreover, if the website is interacting with the user, we are starting to call it web application. Sounds more advanced? It may be, since it requires back-end development, but it is possible to realize even if you are a beginner! If you would like to build a website, where together with your friends you can discuss about your common hobby it would be called a web application. Today, you can build it simply with CMS – the one which I am recommending is WordPress. If you don’t know how to code, in two days I will give solutions for you.

Ok, but still why do you need a website? Is that really important to have one? Depends, what you are doing in life. Take some paper and pen, draw yourself and answer to questions:

  1. What is your profession?
  2. What is your experience? (not only as profession)
  3. What is your hobby?
  4. What would you like to give to this world?

Let me try to guess your replies, but I will be grateful if you would share them with me in the comments. I am guessing that you are a student and you’ve done already some internship in your field. For sure, you need a portfolio which you will present to your future employers. Besides that, you are very passionate about your hobby which is cooking. Why not making a blog with your perfect recipes for delicious meals? I would love to see it, please show it to me!

How about if you are having your own business? For sure, you wish that many people will hear about you. Then take an action and be online! Everyone who got the experience of your brand will check out your website. Plus, you may get new customers just because of your site.

What, if you are actually not that good in your profession, since you didn’t get experience and your hobby doesn’t seem for you like worth to talk about? Even then, you have something to pass to the audience! You don’t believe me? Check out the best example of presentation about NOTHING from TEDxTalks:



As you may noticed, your website will work as your business card, it will present you – your work, your mind and your soul. You will experience something new in your life. But what will you get out of this? You will never know, until you will try. If you like surprises, start working on your own website and see where it will bring you. Don’t forget to pass me the link to your domain, can’t wait to get to you!

What is your website?

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