Why Using a Notebook makes you a better designer

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Yes! You heard well, a notebook, makes you a better designer. How you may wonder? Well
Let’s take a look at some of the things which may come in handy when using a notebook.

Ideas look different in mind and on paper:

Why I am saying this is because, not once happened to me and to my fellow designers to have a “brilliant” idea. But when we started prototyping it didn’t turn around that brilliant, having a notebook at hand does just that. A notebook lets you prototype your design as fast as you can draw or fold or whatever unconventional way you may use this notebook to surface your idea. Instead of starting working already on prototype and wasting time on building an idea which is not worthy, you can get to know that is a waste in the first 10 seconds when you get it. Let yourself and your teammates to focus on the ideas that really matter. I always liked easy facts so this what I will deliver also to you.

What a notebook delivers to you when you got a new thought:

Only these things alone can improve your project considerably.

Cloud isn’t always the solution:

I know, I know there are many of you who are using a lot of note-taking apps and platforms, and I don’t blame you. I am doing it as well from time to time with information which needs to be much more accessible than usual. All of this becomes really frustrating, this race in deciding which app or service you should use and which not, which one works for you. And you will be sure that the service will be reliable day after day, otherwise you’re screwed because you can’t access your notes. They are many options out there like Evernote, OneNote, Springpad, Simplenote, Google Keep and even Apple Notes became a viable alternative for some people.


All of them have pluses and minuses, but you never can be really sure if your ideas are safe, secure and always available. Sometimes internet cracks and when it does a notebook will serve you good. It also give you an unified environment where you can unload your thoughts, and that’s efficient, does not require internet, neither a power plug, and is extremely inexpensive. I have heard a lot of people saying to me things like “But what happens if I will lose it?”, I don’t deny this, situations can happen but what you can make is just to be a responsible person and make sure that it does not get lost in the first place. Good ideas there are better off in your own hands, in a tangible manner, and is a good habit to have, it makes you more aware of your thoughts and actions, yeah the simple fact of note-taking and caring a notebook.

Face it, don’t just carry that notebook for fashion…

You are in a design environment or most likely will be or would like to be at some point if you are reading this. That’s the moment when taking a notebook and presenting to your coworker a good wireframe, makes it more professional, it gives you guys chance to confront each other, to talk and debate if the idea is really relevant, and if it worth’s the time. When your colleague will see your sketch he may even improve upon it, it will help him to see the idea in a blink of an eye without hassle. You may think “but I can send my notes through e-mail, or I can offer access to them for collaboration”…bla bla bla. I have mention before how many note taking options are available and the ones presented here are not even all of them, your e-mail may get lost in a busy inbox, and you may wake up one day that in the office there is no internet…what then?

but I can send my notes through e-mail, or I can offer access to them for collaboration…bla bla bla.

Remember that in the old days designers used to use their hands and unconventional materials to build something amazing, long-lasting designs which created the trends that we know today. A good example to that is this video which explains how Material Design was created and you can see that they used paper, to create a beautiful and harmonious set of rules which developers can use to create amazing products. This you can do as well with your own notebook, use it to work better not to look better like most of the people nowadays.
Material Design Video

There are always interesting and practical things which are getting forgotten every time when a products or practice gets out of use or replaced, but exploring all these possibilities can unlock a huge amount of inspiration and knowledge by using them once again even if their time passed.


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What you like to do the most with your notebook?

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