Make a website without coding

Make a website without coding
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I am very glad that you want to have your own website. I am sure that you found a great idea for your content and I am hoping that you will present it to me. I assume, that you are not a fan of coding, or you don’t have that much time to spend on learning code to develop your own site, so I came up with solution for you. There is plenty of platforms, which allow you to build a website by drop and drag, choosing templates or themes. Take a look on the research, which I’ve prepared for you and don’t forget to tell me what you chose for your starting point:



Wix editor

Probably you heard about this platform from advertisement on Facebook. You can use it for FREE and you can simply style your site. Only what you need, it’s to register your account (possibility to login by Facebook) and start working. Few years ago, there wasn’t that many options implement like there is now. You can change your domain name from to (premium account), you can improve SEO, implement shop (f. ex. by adding Shopify app), blog, portfolio and much more. The admin panel can be visible in your native language, so it may be easier for you to understand. Besides that, arranging content is very simple by drag and drop option!

Difficulty: very easy



Weebly editor

  • Weebly (FREE)

    Easy to manage platform if you wish to build your website, blog or shop. You can make a free account to get your domain name with ‘weebly’ in it (the same like on Wix). If you will choose paid account, you will get 24hours support, 1 year free domain name, unlimited storage space and a lot more. The platform seems similar to Wix, you can very easily change the content by drag and drop option. The decision of choosing Weebly or Wix belongs to you! Use a free account to check, which one you prefer more.

Difficulty: very easy


Adobe Muse editor


Do you like Adobe programs? Maybe you have already Adobe account? If yes, then it’s the perfect choice for you. With Adobe Muse program, you can build your entire website, which will be responsive. Your website will be impressive by extraordinary widgets, which you can get from here . You will find there a lot of cool animations, which will make your content standing out. If you have Adobe account, it’s a good choice for your blog or portfolio or any other type of website, which would need to have those impressive widgets.

Difficulty: easy


Webflow editor


The platform is dedicated for designers/developers in any stage of their career. It’s very similar to paid platform called Webydo. It is working as online CMS, which is letting you to arrange all the content while seeing it. You can change everything, from font types to its position, size, color and so on. In my opinion, you will need to spend a little bit of time to get used to this CMS – there are used all terms of web development, so for person out of this field, may be difficult to handle it all. On another hand, it’s a good tool to learn these terms and see them in action, before learning how to code it. The platform provides free/paid templates, coursers and tips while working on your site. Give it a try if you want to have a control on all your design of the site!

Difficulty: medium



Shopify editor


Quite popular platform though ecommerce. If you are planning to open your own store, Shopify is for you. You will find there many templates to use, you will get the support, the implementation of payment by credit cards and everything you will manage by Content Management System. This CMS is very similar to WordPress, so if you prefer to spare some money and have time to learn, I would recommend to choose WordPress instead. Besides that, Shopify is playing their role well as great alternative for owners of shops without coding experience.

Difficulty: medium



Magento editor


  • Magento (FREE)

    Probably you heard about Magento, since it is on the market from 7 years. It’s dedicated for e-commerce, so if you would like to open your online shop, go for it on this platform. Templates are written in PHP with implementation of e-commerce and you can modify all the pages by using PHP, HTML and CSS. Besides that, you can find there extended modules, which you can install for your website. It’s more advanced than drag and drop, but it is worthy to get to know, since many clients ask freelancers to create a website by using Magento.

Difficulty: advanced



WordPress editor


There can be extinguish two versions of WordPress : and The first one is a blogging platform, very easy to understand and to create your own blog. Another one (with .org) is advanced CMS based on PHP. Currently, many companies are using WordPress for their website. You can choose many free or paid themes and applied different plugins or widgets, for example you can implement Visual Composer or Site Builder, which helps you to create pages by drag and drop. Though WordPress you can build many types of websites, such us blog, portfolio, online store, forum and more. I strongly recommend to learn this CMS, since it’s very popular and powerful – you can create your own theme or child theme to customize what you wish. WordPress is a good platform, if you are planning to change your website by applying different features in short time.

Difficulty: advanced


As you can see, even if you don’t know how to code, you still can create the website. But to help you with choosing the right platform for yourself, I would like to give you an extra advice. First of all, have an idea for the website content, then specify who will be your audience, think about branding (it’s very important) – create your logo, choose colors and styles of typography. The design should present your brand and fit to your target group. The next step is to figure out what features do you need – for example: selling products, video section, etc. Try to draw a layout of your website on the paper – it is useful to start with wireframes. Then apply your style of brand for mock-ups of the website, which will be very useful for you while building your site. Mock-ups are illustrations of your website with colors, typography, images and all other elements which you want to have on your site. If you will have it, it will be easier for you to choose the right platform – for example, you are going to write only the blog, then you would choose, or you want your own shop – then shopify or magento may be good for you.

Prepare! You want to be successful so give yourself a time before starting to ‘dragging and dropping’ elements on your site. There is many factors, which you need to consider before launching your website, but since this article should give you hints on creating website without coding, I will leave it for the next posts. To sum up, choose the platform according to your idea and needs, calculate budget (domain price) and create a project plan to manage your spare time well. If any question come to your mind, write it down in the comment section. Wish you a great day!


What CMS you used so far?

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