OFF Fashion festival – the international competition

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For those who love fashion as much as their life, for those you have creative mind and are very busy that they didn’t hear yet about OFF Fashion – here we go!

OFF Fashion is a great opportunity for you as a designer to achieve your dream of first runway show, getting new connections and stepping in the world of fashion. The competition is held in Poland, city called “Kielce” and this year is already 18th Edition! The prizes are for three candidates and are worth your effort:

  • 1st place – a Title of the Best Off Designer and a bronze statue of the President of the City of Kielce created by the sculptular artists S.Mick, like also Money Award 15000 PLN (around $3900)
  • 2nd place – Money Award 8000 PLN (around $2100)
  • 3rd place – Money Award 6000 PLN (around $1570)

Besides that, participants can be awarded by sponsors and media holding patronage over the contest. Is it great?

Give your designs a chance!

This year the competition subject is MUSE. Get inspired and submit your application no later than 16th May 2016. The application form you can find on the OFF Fashion website.

The competition is INTERNATIONAL so for everyone who is passionate about fashion – no matter if you are representing your school or you are participating individually.

“Our Competition, which takes place in Kielce, addresses young designers, whose keenness and creativity alter the way in which we perceive the fashion market in Poland and give the streets of our cities a hint of individuality and originality. The aim of the Competition is to give such designers an opportunity for a good business start. The event has been immediately recognized by the fashion environment, which is reflected by the number of entered projects.”

OFF Fashion

If you are curious how the festival is looking, watch the video from the last edition of OFF Fashion below:


Will you participate in OFF Fashion?

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