Inspiration Monday – 4

Inspiration Monday – 4
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10 Exceptional artists, 10 Works, amazing passion, beauty and craft! All of this topped by the fact that it happens every Monday! Check out every Monday for amazing people with amazing ideas, to support and share their work.

Yoga-PerdanaAuthor – Yoga Perdana

XJAuthor – XJ

martinthul_logoanimationAuthor – Martin Thul

multiple-owners-behAuthor – Multiple Owners

cano_illyAuthor – Pete Schwadel

multiple-behAuthor – Multiple Owners


Author –Paul Hutchison

 runartsAuthor – Kirill Shevaga

crystalAuthor – Will Jr.

deepAuthor – Ana Kova

That’s it, 10 people every Monday! Hope you enjoyed it, we surely did. Be sure to check them out and the rest of their amazing works!


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