WWDC16 Apple Keynote live blog

WWDC16 Apple Keynote live blog
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Today Apple special event at San Francisco, will start at 10 a.m. PDT. Timiada is here to cover all the hot news directly from there. A live blog will be present below as soon as the keynote starts, so be sure to refresh the page constantly to see all the goodies that Apple prepared for us. Be sure to follow us up on social media as we will uncover exclusive content to our followers. If you want to know what you can expect before the keynote kicks-off you can check —-> WWDC 2016: Siri, iOS 10, Apple Music, and what else to expect

People are gathering around! And Tim Cook is on the stage. And we are commemorating the tragedy that occurred yesterday in Orlando, really nice from Apple’s side!


He announced that Apple awarded more than 350 scholarships to students this year! And the youngest employee is 9 years old.

App Store overcome the 2 million app mark!


Today schedule –  Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV.

We are starting with watchOS. And yes we are indeed talking about performance, and responsiveness.


Control center comes to watchOS.


Minnie Mouse comes to watchOS, so no more gender differentiation.


It now follows a short demo of all the improvements of watchOS. The demo video will follow up closely here on the website after the end of the Keynote.

We are done with the short demo and we are looking forward to some medical SOS situations, where your medical ID will be displayed on the watch, like also you can call 911 directly from your watch.


Now is fitness time, and you can share your fitness activity with your family and friends so you can compete with each other to stay motivated. The wheelchair impaired people are not left out, since some functionality specially for them is build in the Apple Watch itself.

Apple pay is now supported through the watch, and background tasks, and multiple touch gestures, audio & video all packed up for developers. With this we wrap up the watchOS session.


Now are are talking about AppleTV, and is now available with 1300 native channels and over 6000 apps available in the store.

You can now use your iPhone to control the AppleTV.


You can also use now Siri inside of apps like Youtube, or ESPN to search.

You can now also login only once to access all your service providers on Apple TV with only one login screen.


4 game controllers, and multiplayer sessions are coming to Developers too. with a developer preview that starts today!

Next up is OSX! So how it will be called? OSX is now officially called maxOS. But the name of the version is maxOS Sierra. snip_20160613193734

You don’t need to have a password to unlock your Mac, if you have an Apple Watch, that seems a bit too much marketing.

All your desktop will be available trough cross platform on your iPhone and iCloud Drive.

Apple pay comes to macOS too.


with a bit of a joke there!


You will be able to have tabs in any apps, with multiple functionalities from the same apps.


SIRI is coming to maxOS!!!!!! Demo time!


You now can use Siri with notification center and drag and drop as an amazing functionality combo!


We are now done with maxOS and next up is iOS10.


We are getting rich notifications on the lockscreen and advanced 3D touch gestures.


Siri get’s a big update this time around! Because Siri is now officially open to Developers.


You can put Siri send money to friends or call you a ride through Uber.

QuickType is now integrated with Siri too. And now Siri provides you with contact informations in your chat sessions!

Photos get’s an update too! So all your friends are categorized smartly, objects and animals are also recognized locally by your phone.


Your iPhone can create now animated videos out of your memories much like the Google Photos app.

Maps is getting an update as well, with an all new design, and now the search bar is at the bottom.


It also get’s traffic conditions on live, Mapps is also now open to developers, depending on the apps that you already installed on your phone you will get extra functionalities into maps.

Apple Music is getting a visual redesign, where the music stands in the first place.


Not much impressive the new Apple Music, sincerely you are still better off with Spotify!

The news app is getting a new redesign as well! And it supports subscriptions, and breaking news notifications.


HomeKit spreads it’s wings a bit over the producers of smart products.


Messages get’s an update so you will have rich links in iMessage.


It’s a bit of a bummer that iMessage turned slowly into Facebook messenger.


Yep we saw that coming, iMessage get’s iMessage apps!

Extra: Notes collaboration, live photos get video stabilization and much more.

iOS 10 has a developer preview available today! And available to all users in Fall with the next iPhone update.

Swift Playgrounds, is an interactive way to code directly on your iPad.


It will be in public beta next month, and it will be Free.

That’s it the keynote wrapped up, no Mac news only software. Stay tuned for more content on our social media channels. Timiada is out!

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