Denmark’s right hand wedding ring

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Between the first months of being in Denmark I have noticed a really interesting aspect. Everybody was wearing their wedding ring on the right hand. Which of course in Romania it means that you are a Widow. The sheer amount of people that where wearing the ring on the right hand it was incredible. I used to feel so bad for them thinking that each one of them lost somebody, I was really seriously affected until the moment when it became to strange to accept. I remember telling myself “How is possible that so many people in Denmark lost their partner?” and I was deeply meaning it.

The good old google helped me to discover the truth that Denmark including Poland and a couple of other countries do wear their wedding rings on the right hand. It was childish to not research faster, maybe but in the end I am happy to not look at people with an incredible amount of emotional pain that could have affected my interactions with other people in the future.

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