Firefox Focus for iOS makes private browsing a pleasure

firefox focus
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If you’re concerned about keeping your online privacy and don’t want sites to follow you around the Web, you’ll want to give Mozilla’s new iOS app a go.

Firefox Focus is a no-frills browser that blocks trackers to keep you from seeing unwanted ads. It also lets you erase your history, passwords and cookies easily.

The company says that blocking trackers might also improve performance on certain tracker-filled sites. It’s worth noting that some sites that rely on tracking to work may not function properly, but Focus can fix that by opening them in either Firefox or Safari.

Should you use it? Well, you’re certainly entitled to your privacy online, and this browser makes it easier to block tracking than other options – including Mozilla’s content blocker for Safari (which is called, um, Focus by Firefox).

Mozilla told Engadget it’ll consider building an Android version of Firefox Focus, depending on how the iOS app is received.

Try Firefox Focus by grabbing it from the App Store.

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