Holiday trip ahead? Pack like a true fashionista!

fashionista holiday
Holiday trip ahead? Pack like a true fashionista!
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How many of you pack for a trip a couple of hours before it’s time to head out, but unpack three months after coming back home? For a long time, I myself was guilty of this mistake. But, I changed my ways so if you’re interested in knowing how to be completely covered for your holiday trip and have fashionable outfits without having to sit on the suitcase to close it, keep on reading.

fashionista holiday

Proper bag

First things first. In order to pack properly and save yourself the trouble of bag mishaps, make sure to get yourself top quality luggage that would also match your style. If you want to pack like a fashionista, appearance matters and it starts with a fashionable luggage. Also, it needs to be big enough, easily movable and with a lot of compartments. Basically, you can easily get the best of both worlds. I used to sacrifice quality over appearance before but once the wheel from my bag fell off, I never made the same mistake again.

The question of bulky items

Holiday packing in winter time requires a lot of bulky items. Make sure to pack these at the bottom of your bag. But, in order to save space most efficiently, remember to wear the bulkiest of the items on you. So, put your boots, coat or jacket, thick scarves and sweaters on the side because these will make your travel outfit.

fashionista holiday

Layering all the way

Instead of bringing a lot of sweaters and bulkier clothes, opt for lightweight layering pieces. Not only is the layering trend very popular and fashionable at the moment, but layered clothes will keep you warmer. Also, thinner pieces that can be layered over will take a lot less space than just one bulky wool sweater.

Go for basics

Speaking of layering, it would be best to pack a lot of basic pieces that can be mixed and matched and worn on several different occasions. This goes for both the bottoms and tops. If you have trouble when it comes to effectively layering clothes, make sure to opt for basic pieces in neutral colors such as black, white, gray and beige. For example, I really like to pack cardigans and plain tops as well as black or dark denim jeans. For me, these often offer distinctiveness with their specific cut, not the pattern. Scarves and other accessories are there for that purpose.

fashionista holiday

Pre-plan your outfits

You might not be used to planning your outfit combinations for days ahead, but this is a trick that all fashionistas use, myself included. Moreover, it will keep you from bringing more stuff than you actually need. Therefore, take the time to sit down, look at your wardrobe and imagine your outfits for every day you’ll be on a trip as well as possible formal occasions. That way you’ll have just enough clothes and your looks will be spot on.

Other essentials

Clothing bits and pieces are not the only things that you’ll have to bring. As mentioned before, wear your bulkiest footwear on you when you travel but be smart about the shoes you’ll bring. Comfy shoes for walking and a pair of elegant heels or flats will be all that you need. Also, bring the amount of underwear appropriate for the number of days you’ll be away. From my personal experience, comfy and good quality underwear will be your savior during any trip. Moreover, make sure to inquire about towels and hair dryer at the place you’ll be staying at so that you know whether you need to bring these or not. Skin care and beauty-wise, use travel-friendly containers and only your ride or die makeup products. Also, opt for just a couple of effective jewelry pieces that can be combined with many different looks. In my opinion, dangly necklaces with statement charms are the way to go.

fashionista holiday

Leave room for the gifts

Since you’ll be going away on a holiday trip you’ll probably spend some time looking for nice gifts for your friends and family. Take that into consideration when packing because you’ll obviously need to have some free space in your luggage for the gifts before the trip. I didn’t pay attention to this detail until I managed to break the perfume bottle meant for my friend as I tried to zip up my suitcase, and let me tell you, that was not something I’ll go through again.

True fashionistas know what their essentials are and I pride myself as well as anyone else on being one as long as they practice self-control and uniqueness. In that respect, don’t try to bring your whole wardrobe with you. It might be difficult to resist but when you get it right once, believe me, you’ll never go back to the old, wrong ways.

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