Eco Lifestyle in 2017: Being Green Is the New Black

Eco Lifestyle in 2017
Eco Lifestyle in 2017: Being Green Is the New Black
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Green lifestyle has grown out of the general concern for the environment into a worldwide movement that has found its way into every sphere of our lives. The attempts to save our planet have become a “must-have” and, in my opinion, one of the best trends that dominates across nations, uniting them in their fight for a greener world. From business world and green companies, to fashion scene and household maintenance, being green has truly become the new black.

Start Small, Think Big

You cannot turn your life around in a day, so instead of trying to do everything at once, you should introduce small changes that will open big doors. I’ve started my journey by implementing simple, yet efficient practices. Plastic bags and plastic bottles belong to the past – I embraced organic cotton tote bags for groceries and reusable bottles. Of course, recycling goes without saying. Although these might seem like minute changes, they’ve actually made a big difference in my life. One thing led to another and I quickly entered the “green mindset”. Not only did I start thinking big, but I also felt much happier and satisfied, since I was among those helping our planet. “Green life is a happy life” became my philosophy and I started thinking of different ways in which it could be encompassed every aspect of life. Travelling was no exception – I always choose green hotels and use public transport whenever I cannot reach my destination on foot.

Fashionably Green

As I soon came to realise, once you go green, there’s no going back. The eco-friendly practices were taking over my life and my wardrobe was next in line. I turned to natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, silk, hemp and wool. If you think that you’ll have to renew your wardrobe completely, you’re not thinking green. Repurposing old clothes is in the true spirit of being green, so instead of getting rid of those old jeans, turn them into a fashionable pair of shorts. Opting for this lifestyle doesn’t have to be at the expanse of comfort nor style – it simply means that you’re opting for a little green dress. By reinventing your clothes, embracing vintage clothing and turning to handcrafted accessories from recycled materials, not only will you help the planet, but you will also enter the green scene in style.

Eco Lifestyle in 2017

The Essence of a Green Home

The eco-friendly practices have quickly spread from my wardrobe to the rest of my house. The entire process of going green was my little project – I set smaller, weekly goals that were supposed to lead me towards a greener future. One week I was replacing the regular cleaning products with their green and healthier alternatives, the next, I was switching to LED lights. And I kept asking myself “what’s next?”. My fridge became full of local, organic foods and I even started growing my own vegetables. Of course, it was just a few plants in my garden, but I felt so happy the first time I picked my own tomatoes. The ideas kept coming and I wanted to implement all of them, but there was one tiny problem – financing. Some of these changes required little or no investment, but there were the ones that required a sizeable amount of money. Despite my tight budget, I decided to keep going. After browsing the Internet for a while, I came across Ygrene PACE financing that was meant for green enthusiasts like myself. With this financing program, I could afford to implement bigger green improvements, including better home insulation or water-saving systems. Of course, I don’t plan to stop here – currently, I’m looking into different ways to completely switch to renewable energy sources, such as solar power.

Eco Lifestyle in 2017

Going green has truly improved and enriched every aspect of my life, from home maintenance to my fashion style. And everything started with a single cotton tote bag and reusable bottle.

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